It’s our FIRST ANNUAL SDB Car Show!

We are WAY excited about this!!

Email the application above to

1st Annual Pataskala SDB Church Car Show
June 20, 2021 11AM-5PM

Car Show Rules and Information


  1. All show applications must be registered prior to June 1st, 2021. Applications are only considered complete when a response email from the Pataskala SDB Church has been sent.
  2. The second page of this document must be completed in its entirety and returned to  
  3. You will receive an email from the host church if your application is approved.
  4. There is no registration fee. Donations (in any amount) are encouraged to help the host church offset the cost of the event.

On Event Day

  1. Cars are to be set up prior to 11am. Please arrive between 9:45am and 10:45am to allow for set up time. Contact the host church at if you need more time.
  2. Bring your confirmation email with you. You will be asked to show this when you arrive (an electronic copy [email] is acceptable).
  3. You will be given documentation to display in your car for identification and judging purposes.


By applying to participate, you agree to abide by the below rules. You may be asked to leave the premises and will not be eligible for the contest if these are not followed:

  1. This is a family friendly event. Refrain from foul language and deeds.
  2. Alcohol, smoking (includes vaping) and drug use are prohibited.
  3. All participants are to respect the property of the host church.
  4. All participants are to respect the property of other participants.
  5. You are responsible for your car. The host church is not liable for any damages that may occur to your car or property (this includes attended and unattended cars). The host church prefers that cars not be left unattended.
  6. Lock up all valuables as you see fit. If your property is lost or stolen, the host church is not liable for your property.
  7. All show vehicles must be properly insured (host church is not validating this. If you apply to participate, you certify that you have appropriate insurance).

Contest Judging

  1. The contest will be judged by a panel of three impartial automobile experts.
  2. Judges will be appointed by the deacons and pastor of the host church.
  3. Judges are not eligible to enter the contest and may not serve if a member of their immediate family has registered for the show.
  4. Judging will take place prior to 3pm.
  5. Results will not be disputed.
  6. Winners will be announced at 4pm.

*The host church reserves the right to change as it deems necessary.  Applicants will be notified of any changes by email.*

4 thoughts on “It’s our FIRST ANNUAL SDB Car Show!”

  1. I didn’t get to register I’ve been out of town. Can I still show up to show my car a 1931 Chevy coupe?

    1. Hi Denver!
      You can still register when you show up! We’ll have blank forms for you at the registration desk! Hope to see you there!
      -Pastor Chuck


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