2015 Church Officers & Board

The following people were elected at the annual church business meeting held on Sabbath, January 3, 2015:

  • President: Dean Fox
  • Vice President:  Christopher Van Horn
  • Treasurer: Chip Thorngate
  • Clerk: Marissa Van Horn
  • Sabbath School Superintendent:  Susie Fox
  • Assistant Sabbath School Superintendent:  Kym Goodson
  • Corporate Agent: Veronica Van Horn
  • Trustees: Lana Van Horn and Mark Pest (3 year term expiring in 2018)
  • Appalachian Association Executive Council Reps: Kym Goodson and Marge Patrick

Each of these people are elected for a one year term, with the exception of the Trustees who are elected for a 3 year term with 2 new trustees elected each year.    Throughout the year, the church (advisory) board consists of the first 7 officers along with the Pastor, a representative from the Deacons, and a representative from the Trustees.  Thanks to all those who held these positions in 2014 as well as those who have agreed to fill them in 2015!

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