If you visit us once, we call you a visitor.  If you visit us twice, we call you family!  Our small church has the feel of a family, as we welcome many people from different backgrounds all under one roof to worship God together.  If you are a couple, an individual, a single-parent with children, a grandparent, or even a crazy uncle, we welcome you to come and fellowship with us!

We support the traditional and extended family through our programs and teaching.  Every 2-3 months we have a “Family Night” scheduled with some family-friendly and free activity open to the whole church and their friends.  It’s a chance to just relax and have fun. We’ve had costume night, square dancing, Family Feud, a Fall Festival, fondue night, Talent/No-Talent Night, and more.

We love children!  Children are not just the future generation, they are here now. C.S. Lewis said “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”  On the 3rd Sabbath (Saturday) of each month, we have a Children’s Church during the second half of our 11:00am Worship Service, as well as Children’s Sabbath School each week at 10:00am before worship.  On the first Saturday night of each month, we have a Kids Bible Club outreach for all kids ages 3-12. Throughout the year we also have camps, Vacation Bible School, and other special activities for children (and the adults who love them).family pic


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