Mission Offering

building up the temple

Each Sabbath we have a time in our worship service where we encourage children (and adults) to bring their spare change to contribute to our Mission Offering.  You’ll hear the congregation singing the song “Building Up the Temple” as the offering is collected in a small wooden house-like container.

The Mission Offering does not replace regular Biblical tithing and giving which is collected in an offering plate located at the back of the sanctuary as people enter.  The regular church offering is used to support the church programs and facilities (building mortgage, pastor’s salary, church supplies, building maintenance, classroom materials, etc.)  The Mission Offering is designated to a mission project outside of our church and the recipients are discussed and selected in advance at our church business meetings.

The “Building up the Temple” mission offerings for 2020 have been selected as follows:

1Q/2020 (Jan-Mar) – the Voice of the Martyrs ministry

2Q/2020 (Apr-Jun) – Save the Storks ministry

3Q/2020 (Jul-Sept) – Christmas Outreach (to be spent in 4Q for selected outreach activity)

4Q/2020 (Oct-Dec) – TBD

Past recipients of the quarterly mission offering have included missionaries in Haiti and Puerto Rico, Wells in Africa, Christmas Outreach, Save the Storks ministry and more.  Contributions to the Mission Offering can be made in person at one of our Sabbath Worship services or by designating offerings mailed to the church or made through the online giving available on this website.