Pastor Robert Van Horn Retiring from Pataskala SDB Church

After 29 years as the Pastor of the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church, Pastor Robert Van Horn has announced his retirement in the fall of 2019.  While we will miss him as our pastor, we are blessed to have had him as our spiritual leader, pastor, teacher, and friend for so many years! Pastor Robert and his wife Lana are not planning to remove their membership from our church, but are going to spend their winters in Florida and come north to join us again in the the summers.

At this time, Pastor Robert is continuing in his role as our Pastor throughout the summer, with an indefinite retirement date sometime before the end of October 2019.  In January a Pastoral Search Committee was appointed consisting of Chip Thorngate, Darwin Van Horn, Dean Fox, Marissa Patterson, and Christopher Van Horn.  This committee has been revising & preparing a job description for the new Pastor as well as beginning the process for identifying and selecting potential candidates.  As a church we have already begun praying for the right person to become our new Pastor.  (If there is a time gap between when Pastor Robert leaves and a new Pastor is selected, the Deacons will have the responsibility for arranging coverage of the weekly worship service.)

Pastor Robert has certainly left his mark on the many lives he has touched through baptisms, teaching Sabbath School, Camp Joy staff & board member, special music and drama, hospital visits, baby dedications, children’s stories, workshops, leading praise time, youth retreats, sermons and more.  One area most appreciated about Pastor Robert are the many times he has dropped other things just to help someone out — from a flat tire to moving a piano!  Another way we have been blessed through the years is Pastor Robert’s ability to bring people together over a meal, whether grilling out, hosting a banquet, holding a seder, enjoying a church potluck, or inviting people into their home.

Yes, we will miss Pastor Robert Van Horn & Lana as our church’s Pastor and wife.  We wish them many years of enjoyable retirement as they continue to serve God in a different way.  We are also excited & hopeful to see who God will lead to become our new Pastor, Shepherd, Teacher, and Friend.




Monthly Kids Bible Club Held June 1

jun kids 17“Treasures in Heaven” was the theme for the monthly Kids Bible Club held June 1, 2019. We started off with an opening including the song “You are My All in All” and a fun skit by Pastor Robert & Christopher Van Horn about a boy obsessed with pirates asking his Dad about how to get to Heaven.  After several detours to discuss “pirate stuff” they concluding with the thought that the Bible is like a treasure map telling us how to get to Heaven.jun kids 16

The Bible Lesson & Craft time was taught in two groups divided by ages. Both group looked at the two parables Jesus told about the Kingdom of Heaven and treasure in Matthew 13:44-46.  The older group decorated treasure chests for their craft and the younger group played a game with a giant treasure chest as well as made a foam craft with the important message “You are God’s most treasured possesion”.jun kids 11

For our game time, we divided into 3 different teams (Blue, Pink, & Orange) to do a Treasure Hunt. Each group follow clues of their color hidden throughout the church to find their own treasure.  It was a lot of fun for all!

Then we enjoyed a pudding snack with layers and “buried treasure” gummy snacks and joined again for our song and closing prayer.

jun kids 1This will be the last monthly Kids Bible Club for the school year, but invitations were passed out for the three 5-Day Bible Clubs this summer sponsored by the church being held in Pataskala and Reynoldsburg.  Look for more information here on our website or Facebook Events to join us!


Enjoy these additional pictures taken throughout the evening:

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Summer 5-Day Kids Bible Clubs

During the Summer 2019, our church is sponsoring three different 5-day Neighborhood Bible Clubs. These will be similar to Vacation Bible School, but will a little more informal and will not be held inside the church building.

The first summer Bible Club will be held at Summit Ridge Estates mobile home park in Pataskala, OH June 22-26 at 10:30am-noon each day.  This Bible Club will use the materials “The Great Treasure Hunt” by TeachSundaySchool  The Bible Club will meet each morning, Monday through Friday in the Emergency Shelter at Summit Ridge Estates.

The second summer Bible Club will use the same materials, but be held at JFK park in Reynoldsburg, OH at 7-8:30 pm each evening July 8-12, 2019.  The program includes games, songs, skits, a bible lesson, crafts, and a snack.  All kids ages 4-12 are invited to attend. There is no charge.

The third summer Bible Club will be held in the playground area outside of the church from 10:30 to NOON Mon – Fri July 15-19, 2019.  The church is located at 12161 Broad Street SW in Pataskala, OH 43260. The theme for this week will be “God’s Love in Colors” using materials based on the wordless book.

For more information or to register, call the church at 740-927-0574.  (If there’s no answer, leave a message and we’ll call you back!)


Slime Time Kids Club & Video

On Saturday night May 4, 2019 our May Kids Bible Club had the theme “SLIME TIME – or How Can Jesus Help in Sticky Situations”.  It was a fun evening beginning with a slime skit (see video below) followed by a Bible lesson looking at several people in the Bible who had some bad days and the amazing miracles our powerful God did for each of them.  We studied people like Moses, Daniel, Lazarus, Jonah, the disciples and Paul & Silas.

For craft time each of the kids got to make their own slime and after that we had a series of “Minute-to-win-it” games all using different kinds of slime!  We cleaned up and enjoyed a snack before we ended for the evening.  It was a fun time for every one there!

The Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church sponsors a monthly Kids Bible Club from 6:30-8:00 on the first Saturday evening of each month for kids ages 3-12.  Our next Kids Bible Club will be held on June 1, 2019 and the theme will be “Treasure in Heaven”. We will be taking a break during the summer and plan to start up again in September.  There will be 3 different Neighborhood Bible Clubs this summer held in Summit Ridge Estates, in Reynoldsburg, and in the playground area outside of the church. Look for more information about those as we get closer to the summer.

Here’s a video of the opening skit. Thanks Christopher Van Horn and Pastor Robert Van Horn for being such good sports about being slimed!

Here are some additional pictures of the fun throughout the evening:

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Resurrection Celebration 2019

resurrectionWe have so much to celebrate! The sacrificial death and powerful resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus, was the focal point for our church service on Sabbath Day, April 20, 2019.  Scriptures were read throughout the service from Luke 23:26-46, John 20:1-10, and John 20:24-29. We also had special music, favorite hymns, worship dance, drama monlogue of Thomas the disciple, communion, foot washing, and a sermon teaching on the proofs of the resurrection.  Thanks to all who joined in sharing this special service! Enjoy the pictures below: 



April Kids Bible Club Fun

Our April Kids Bible Club held on April 6, 2019.  The theme for the evening was “Let Your Light Shine” and we talked about how light is stronger than dark and Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:16 when he told people not to hide their light, but to let it shine so “others can see your good deeds and glorify God.”

We started off the evening with some glow sticks, the song “God Made Me Shine” and a short skit. The skit was about a monster under a little girl’s bed who was scared of the dark and the little girl shared with him that he didn’t ever need to be afraid because Jesus was with him.

After the opening, the group of 16 kids separated into two groups (older & younger) for their Bible lesson and craft.  The younger group talked about different kinds of lights and how Jesus said he was the light of the world.  The craft for the younger group was a water bottle lightning bug with a couple glow sticks inside!

The older group read several Bible verses that talked about light, did a science demonstration with a lit candle covered with a glass jar, and covered a flameless tea candle for their craft.

For game time, the kids all came together and enjoyed some balloon punch balls with “Jesus is the Light of the World” printed on them. We played a relay making baskets in the large trash cans with the punch balls and then took a break for a snack.

It was a great evening! Our next Kids Bible Club will be the first Saturday night of the month on May 4, 2019 from 6:30-8:00pm.  All children 3-12 are invited! The theme for May is “Slime Time – or how can Jesus help us in sticky situations!”


Here are some pictures from the evening:

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