February Family Night Celebrates Love

love fn 4_edited-1On a winter evening the last day of February 2015, there was lots of energy and laughter in the Bond Fellowship Hall of the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church from 7-8:30 pm.  Guests arrived to find tables arranged around the room with little dishes of M&M’s, Wasabi peanuts, and snack mix on each decorated table.   Robert and Lana Van Horn were our hosts for the evening.  A rousing game of balloon badminton across a red string with paper-plate rackets was a hit for all ages — and the big red balloons continued to be a favorite for the youngest ones throughout the evening! Several times, we took a “holy kiss” break to share chocolate kisses passed out by Pastor Robert with others in the room plus there were many delicious dips, cookies, and snacks to nibble on throughout the evening.  Chris and Veronica Van Horn entertained us with a skit where Christopher became Veronica’s arms as she prepared for a date by brushing teeth, applying makeup and doing hair!   Lana led the group in a trivia game based on “Bible Blurt” and another game singing as many songs as teams could think of containing a certain word (love, sunshine, etc.).   Pastor Robert closed the evening with devotions and the kids helped by acting out portions of “The Love Chapter” in I Corinthians 13.   Thanks to all for coming, sharing, and warming up the winter with love!


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