Daniel Lovelace Headed to Puerto Rico

Daniel Lovelace

Daniel Lovelace from the Metro Atlanta Seventh Day Baptist church in Hiram, GA is making plans to travel as a short term missionary to our branch church in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico.   Daniel is currently scheduled to arrive on September 8, 2015 and plans to stay for approximately 5-6 weeks, although the exact date of his return is still flexible.  Pastor Judith Houts connected with Daniel recently at the annual Seventh Day Baptist General Conference meetings in Lancaster, PA.  Judith then invited Daniel to come to San Sebastian to work with the growing church, which started a little over 2 years ago.

Daniel will be working with Judith’s husband, Pastor Joel Houts and Adrian Gonzalez, who is the current youth leader.   According to Judith, there is a core group of dedicated youth in the church who are eager to share their faith with others in the area around the church.  They just need some guidance, assistance, and encouragement.

Daniel said about the upcoming opportunity, “I believe God has work for me to do there, so I’ve accepted the offer.  As I’ve been praying about it, I’ve become pretty impressed that the youth need to experience God. They need His touch in their lives, they don’t need to simply hear about Him, they need to personally experience how loving and real He is.”

See more about Daniel’s plans on his Facebook page [CLICK HERE].

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Global Awakening Conference Sharing

August 22, 2015

Today’s Bulletin

Today’s scripture was Acts 10 & 1 Corinthians 14:1.  Pastor Robert shared some of his experiences from the Global Awakening Voice of the Apostles Conference he attended August 10-14, 2015 in Nashville, TN.  His sermon was titled “How Prophecy plays a part in Defining Moments (Kairos)” but his message was that God continues to speak & we need to listen and get ready for what lies ahead!


Parents Night Out Held August 8, 2015


There was lots of fun at the church on Saturday evening, August 8th, as we held our first Parent’s Night Out with six children ages 1 to 9.   The evening started about 5:30 with a light supper followed by some play time outside.   Then we had fun with puppets as Pastor Robert shared the story of Hoppity Rabbit and several of the children entertained us with their own impromptu puppet shows.   The older and younger children split up for a while with the older children working on playdough creations and crafts while the younger children enjoyed free play with the toys in the nursery.   Then we all joined together again for a snack and watched a VeggieTales video.   The evening ended as parents came to pick up their children around 9:00 pm.   Watch our church FaceBook page and the weekly church bulletin for information on the next scheduled Parent’s Night Out!

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SDB General Conference Sharing

August 15, 2015

Today’s Bulletin

Since Pastor Robert was out of town attending a Global Awakening Conference (see highlights under August 22 sermon), Dean & Susie Fox shared some highlights from the annual SDB General Conference meetings in Lancaster, PA July 26-Aug 1, 2015.   They used a powerpoint with several pictures as well as 3 excerpts from recorded General Conference sessions.    Follow these links to see the Conference 2015 Pictures and recordings of all the conference evening & Sabbath services at the SDB YouTube site.

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Unity in the Church

August 1, 2015

(no bulletin available for this week)

Pastor Robert shares insights from Ephesians 4:1-16 about how we can function in unity as many different parts of the body — it’s not easy, but God’s word gives several practical areas that will help maintain unity in the church!


Annual Seventh Day Baptist Conference Meets in Lancaster, PA

Once a year Seventh Day Baptists from across USA and Canada meet for a week to worship, fellowship, learn, and do business with each other.  This year’s session will be held July 26 – August 2, 2015 at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA.  The theme selected by Conference President, Bill Probasco, a member of the Shiloh, NJ Seventh Day Baptist Church, is “Steadfast”.

President Probasco and his family were guests at the recent Appalachian Association meetings which several members of our church attended at Camp Joy in Berea, WV June 26-28, 2015 to share more about the upcoming Conference meetings.

You can follow along on Twitter (@7thDayBaptists), or Instagram (@7thDayBaptists), and several of the sessions will be available to join remotely via Livestream (

A Flickr group has been created to capture some of the many pictures throughout the week! Head here to see some of the “happenings”!

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For more information about Seventh Day Baptists in USA and Canada, go to the SDB denominational website.


Video Greetings to Appalachian Association

 Appalachian Association meetings were held June 26-28, 2015 in Berea, WV.  The weekend was hosted by the Seventh Day Baptist church in Lost Creek, WV and attended by SDB churches in Ohio, West Virginia, Tennesee, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.   Each of the churches was encouraged to provide a video “letter of greetings” to the Association summarizing their church activities over the past year.   Here is a summary of what our church has been doing from June 2014 to June 2015.  (NOTE:  A last minute change was made to have Pataskala SDB church host annual Appalachian Association meetings in 2017 instead of June 2016.)