Parents Night Out Held August 8, 2015


There was lots of fun at the church on Saturday evening, August 8th, as we held our first Parent’s Night Out with six children ages 1 to 9.   The evening started about 5:30 with a light supper followed by some play time outside.   Then we had fun with puppets as Pastor Robert shared the story of Hoppity Rabbit and several of the children entertained us with their own impromptu puppet shows.   The older and younger children split up for a while with the older children working on playdough creations and crafts while the younger children enjoyed free play with the toys in the nursery.   Then we all joined together again for a snack and watched a VeggieTales video.   The evening ended as parents came to pick up their children around 9:00 pm.   Watch our church FaceBook page and the weekly church bulletin for information on the next scheduled Parent’s Night Out!


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