Bible Costume Family Night Fun for All

costume family night 1 costume family night 2costume family night-0816costume family night 3 costume family night-0807 costume family night-0808 costume family night 3 (2)costume family night-0817costume family night-0812
Babies, toddlers, children, adults, grandparents, and one great-grandmother attended the Family Night on May 31, 2014.  Everyone was encouraged to dress up in something related to a Bible verse.   After mingling over snacks and trying to guess who (or what) people were dressed as, we spent some time matching people up with their scripture verses.   What a variety of costumes and verses we had:  Jael, Zepphora, young David, the daughter of Herodias, Benaiah, Hadassah (young Esther), Queen Esther, Moses parting the Red “C” (Sea), a virtuous woman, Lydia, Noah’s Ark story, a fox in grapes, animals of the sea, a baby duck, and a Jailer.    Next we had some fun Bible games.  Starting with the youngest, everyone (who wanted to) said a Bible verse from memory.  Then we divided into three groups to form “freeze frame scenes” for the other groups to guess (kind of like still-life-charades).   Following that we had some trivia questions about the twelve disciples and realized we didn’t quite know as much as we thought.    We rounded the evening out with more time to sample the delicious snacks and just relax with each other.   Thanks to Marissa Patterson for being our organizer and MC for the evening.   A good time was had by all!

(See our church Facebook page for more photos.)


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