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Two Baptized April 2, 2022 – Hallelujah!

Angela and Kylah Just Baptized!

It was a great day on Sabbath April 2, 2022 to have Angela Vansickle and her daughter Kylah Billings declare their faith through public baptism! We are happy their church search led them to the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church a couple months ago and were blessed to be witnesses to their affirmation of their commitment to follow God and His Son Jesus Christ in their lives. After each gave their statement of belief, Pastor Chuck Meathrell baptized them by immersion in the church baptismal.

Here are some pictures of the happy event:

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Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study

Each Wednesday morning from 10:30am to noon you’ll find a small group of women meeting together at the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church for a time of powerful prayer and encouraging Bible Study. The group started meeting in January 2022 and is currently studying the book of Romans led by Becky Van Horn (above left) and Marge Patrick (second from right).

The Bible Study is open to any women who want to attend! Call the church for more information.

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Camp Joy 2022 Plans

The lodge from the campfire circle at Camp Joy

Many are looking forward to the 2022 camping season at Camp Joy in beautiful rural Berea, West Virginia! Here are the dates and information so you can make your plans early.

Senior Camp (Grades 7­-12) will be held June 26 – July 3, 2022 under the direction of Bryan Baker along with Andrew Camenga as the Camp Pastor. The cost will be $115/camper for the whole week.

Middler Camp (Grades 5-7) will be held the week of July 10 – 17, 2022 with director Chad Modesitt. The price will also be $115/camper for the week.

Junior Camp (Grades 2-4) will be held July 5 – 10, 2022 and will be directed by our own Pastor Chuck Meathrell. The cost for this camp is only $105/camper because it is less than a week duration.

For more information on Camp Joy as well as registration forms . . .


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New Members Welcomed March 5, 2022

Pastor Chuck Looks on as Jana & Dan sign the church roll book!

It was a joy to welcome a new couple into membership at the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church on Sabbath Day, March 5, 2022. Before the church members voted to accept the new members, Dan Gillham shared that he had come to believe in the Sabbath on his own. Then he began looking for a group that kept the Sabbath and met on Saturday. He had been looking for a while when he and his wife Jana found this group originally through their recorded & streamed services.

As they began to look closer at the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church, they felt more and more welcome and in agreement with the church’s beliefs so they knew it was time to join the church. Jana heartily agreed with him!

Also during the morning worship service the congregation read the Church Covenant together and recommitted themselves to join with Jana & Dan, as well as the other church members, to this covenant.

Following the worship service there was a Pot Luck Fellowship Meal for a continued time of fellowship.

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Fun at Lip Sync Battle Family Night

An energetic group of people met on Saturday night, February 26, 2022 at the church for a Lip Sync Battle Family Night (and Ice Cream!). We had around a dozen creative and fun groups and individuals lip syncing to a variety of music videos projected on the wall. The pre-selected panel of judges had a tough time choosing winners with the criteria of syncing believability, song choice amazingness, and pizzazz.


After a break for ice cream sundaes and birthday cake (Happy Bday, Jessica, with a beautiful and delicious cake from Cora’s Confections), the judges conferred and the winners were announced. It was hard to choose between so many great acts!

Starting with third place Cora and Elias P. won with their lip sync to “The Cuppycake Song”. The judges were all charmed with their performance.


In second place was Dave P. with his lip sync of an oldie but goodie “She wore an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” and had the whole room singing along with him. Thanks for reminding us of that song, Dave, now we can’t get it out of our heads!


And first place went to Pastor Chuck and Jessica lip syncing to “Love is an Open Door”. They were one of two couples choosing that song and giving great performances. We find our Pastor and his wife certainly have a flair for the dramatic as well as love for each other!


Check out some other pictures of the acts in the slideshow below. A big thank you to all who were judges, all the performers, and for the enthusiastic and appreciative audience!


Christmas Play & Bring-a-Friend Sabbath

On Sabbath December 18, 2021 during the regular worship time, we were enjoyed a unique play entitled Putting On the Play – A Funny, Silly, Musical Adventure! The story line was about a woman named Mrs. Ewebanks who had just one week to gather a team and produce a Christmas play. In the midst of drama queens, forgotten lines, and tight deadlines, Mrs. Ewebanks with a little help from custodian Mr. John Burt they put on a great, if not a little unconventional, reenactment of the Christmas Story!

The musical background by Pastor Chuck Meathrell and cast of fourteen children and adults kept us all laughing, wondering what would happen next, and smiling as the true story of Christmas unfolded before us.

It was also Bring-a-Friend Sabbath and Pastor Chuck had put out the challenge that if there were 20 guests he would take a pie in the face (just not peanut butter)! And if there were 30 guests he would do it twice! There were 34 guests counted and we all enjoyed the scene as Pastor Chuck took two pies in the face!

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Church Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Attendees at the 45th Anniversary Celebration of the Pastaskala Seventh Day Baptist Church

It was an exciting day on December 11, 2021 when the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church celebrated 45 years since formally joining to form a church. Five of the original twelve charter members when the church was formed were able to be present at the Anniversary Celebration. It was formerly called the First Seventh Day Baptist Church and met in rented facilities in Columbus and Westerville. The name changed after purchasing the present building at 12161 Broad Street SW in Pataskala, OH in 2004.

Pastor Dale Thorngate, former pastor when the church was formed 45 years ago, was the special guest speaker. There were MANY good memories and pictures shared! Following the worship service, the festivities continued over a Pot-Luck luncheon in the Bond Fellowship Hall, in memory of Helen and Ernest Bond who first moved to Ohio and began meeting in their home.

A video of photos old and new was put together to commemorate the event. You can view them here: LINK TO PATASKALA SDB CHURCH CELEBRATION (about 7 min)

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Women’s Retreat @ Camp Joy

The Appalachian Association has announced it will hold the annual Women’s Retreat the weekend of September 24-26, 2021 at Camp Joy in Berea, WV. It is a guaranteed time of refreshing scenery, Bible learning, worship, and fellowship with other women.

The theme for the weekend is Mountaintop and the planned guest speaker is Brandi Smith. Verses are Isaiah 52:7 & Micah 4:2.

You can pre-register here.

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First Annual Car Show June 20, 2021

There were cars, there were food trucks, there were prizes and winners, there was face painting, and there was FUN at the 1st Annual Car Show at the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church on June 20, 2021.

It was a beautiful sunny day and there was a great turnout throughout the afternoon. Planning has already begun for the 2nd Annual Car Show scheduled for July 17, 2022. Hope you can join us!

This video and has covered all the vehicles with the various awards! If you didn’t make it you can get the feel of things (just imagine it with two awesome food trucks out of view!) PRESS TO ACCESS CAR SHOW VIDEO

And here are some more pics just for fun!