SDB General Conference in Lancaster, PA

The annual Seventh Day Baptist General Conference meetings are being held at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA July 28-Aug 3.  The theme for the week’s conference is “People Get Ready” presided over by Conference President Jane Mackintosh.  Listed below are some ways you can be involved, even if you are not able to attend in person.

The SDB Conference 2019 app is available now! Go grab it for ios here: or Android here:

Evening Worship will be Livestreamed via the denomination Facebook page here:   and archived videos will be saved to view afterward on the denomination website here:

General information, including an online copy of the Conference Schedule Booklet will be available from the Seventh Day Baptist website HERE.

Many of the guest speakers and interest committee leaders have been announced already at Seventh Day Baptists page on Facebook and can be accessed HERE.


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Thank You to our Summer Dedicated Service Team

Our church said “Thank You!” to our two Summer Dedicated Service workers, Vanessa Ormsby and Collin Green, on Sabbath July 20, 2019.  Due to the efforts of these two college age people, along with their Project Director Susie Fox, our church has been able to complete three Kids Bible Clubs at Summit Ridge Estates, JFK Park in Reynoldsburg, and at the church in Pataskala.  In addition to the Bible clubs, they also played a significant role in having a church booth at the Pataskala Fun Fair before the Fireworks on June 29, 2019 and were counselors for a week at Camp Joy in Berea, WV.

During the summer Vanessa & Collin also volunteered on Tuesdays & Thursdays at Didomi Redistribution Center for Non-Profit organizations, gave special Children’s Messages, testimonies, and special music during the Worship Service, and spent time getting to know the other people in the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church.

Vanessa is visiting from Toronto, Ontario, Canada where her home church is located and she will resume her studies in college this fall.  Collin is visiting from Milton, Wisconsin where his home church is located and where he also is continuing his college studies not far from there this fall. They are working under Seventh Day Baptist program called Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) which is a leadership program for college age students during the summer among selected Seventh Day Baptist churches.

On Thursday, July 25, the Summer Dedicated Service Team will be leaving to attend a few days of evaluation and then the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference annual session in Lancaster, PA.  “Well Done!” Vanessa & Collin! Thanks for all your hard work in sharing the love of God and Good News of Jesus with so many people this summer!

Here are some more pictures of our SCSC team in action this summer:


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Bible Club Held July 15-19, 2019

God’s Love in Colors was the theme of the daily Kids Bible Club held at the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church each morning July 15-19,2019.  Each day a group of kids ages 4-12 (with a couple younger siblings) met from 10:30 am to noon for a Bible Lesson, Crafts, Games, and a snack.  Each day had a different color as the theme based on the Wordless Book which tells the Gospel story in colors.

Monday the color was BLACK and we learned that we all have sinned and reviewed the story of Adam & Eve.  We talked about darkness and that Jesus said He is the Light of the World.  We made blindfolds with the Bible verse on it during crafts and had a series of games maneuvering an obstacle course blindfolded. Our color themed snack was Oreo cookies.

On Tuesday, our color was RED which stands for the blood Jesus shed for our forgiveness when He died on the cross.  Our Bible verse for this day was John 3:16. We decorated red foam door knob hangers and played a version of freeze tag using a red blanket for our game. When you are tagged, you are frozen until the designated person covers you with the red blanket to set you free, similar to the way Jesus’ blood covers our sin to set us free. Our snack was red jello cups.

Our color Wednesday was WHITE representing new life when we accept Jesus’ forgiveness. We had an interesting Blible lesson about Nicodemus and an illustration of how Jesus (bleach) erases our sin (iodine) to give us a new life. For our craft we made a caterpillar out of wooden sticks that unfolded into a butterfly! For our game, we had fun tossing crumpled paper balls into white laundry baskets with half of the kids each facing opposite directions to throw back any extras that didn’t make it into the basket.  Our white snack was Rice Krispee Squares.

On Thursday our color was GOLD and we talked about what the Bible says Heaven will be like.  We decorated a yellow folder with puzzles & games for our craft and had a Treasure Hunt for the game. Our snack was yellow drink and cheese balls!

Friday the color was GREEN and we talked about how to grow as Christians. We planted a flower together as we talked about what a flower needs to grow and what we need to grow. For crafts, we made a beaded cross necklace and then played a review game with the things we learned this week. Snack was green drink and sugar cookies with green sugar on them.

It was a great week.  Here are some more pictures of the fun we had:

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