NEW STUDY on Integrity: Living the Truth

Adult SS class  Jul 12 - Sept 13, 2014
Adult SS class Jul 12 – Sept 13, 2014

The Adult Sabbath School class (Sat 10-11 am) is doing a 10 week study starting July 12 reminding us of the Biblical value of integrity. Truth is not relative and the Bible contains a lot about what is right and wrong.  These studies will focus on who we are and how we follow God to become people of integrity.  Here are the topics and related scriptures.  Each lesson is self-contained, so feel free to jump in and attend whenever you can!

Jul 12                    Imitate Jesus                     Mark 10:32-45

Jul 19                    Keep Commitments       Hosea 1:1-2:1;3

Jul 26                   Cultivate Endurance      Job 1:1-2:10

Aug 2                    Speak Truth                      Genesis 20

Aug 9                    Practice Self-Control     Judges 16

Aug 16                  Respect Your Body         I Corinthians 6:12-20

Aug 23                  Expect Tempation          Genesis 39

Aug 30                 Guard Your Tongue       James 3:1-12

Sept 6                   Offer Forgiveness           John 21

Sept 13                 Trust God                           Psalm 25


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