Egg-stravaganza Egg Hunt on March 26th


Lots of children, lots of filled eggs, plenty of sunshine, and plenty of laughter made the perfect combination for our church’s first ever EGG-STRAVAGANZA Egg Hunt held on Sabbath afternoon, March 26, 2016 starting at 2:00 pm.

There were separate areas set up in the open field behind the church for each of three different age groups:  0-3 years old, 4-7 years old, and 8-12 years old.  So each age group had it’s own area and eggs to hunt.

The weather cooperated and it was a beautiful sunny spring afternoon as the children had a blast collecting the many different colored eggs filled with toys and candy scattered across the field — and the adults were thoroughly entertained watching and helping them.   Here are some pictures of the the fun & excitement!


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