WANTED:Crafts for SCSC Table at Conference

scsc craftsThe Women’s Board SCSC (Summer Christian Service Corps) Craft table will be back at the annual SDB General Conference being held this summer in Houghton, New York.  The SDB Women’s Board sells home-made items donated by people from all across the United States and Canada with the proceeds going to support their SCSC ministry.

A variety of home-made items are donated for sale at the SCSC Craft table including crocheted, knitted, and sewn items, woodworking, paper crafts, unique artwork, hand-crafted-jewelry, quilts, soaps, home-canned items, and more.   Even if you are not planning to attend SDB General Conference in Houghton, NY on July 31-August 6, 2016, you can still participate by sending your handcrafted donations with someone from your church who is planning on attending!

Summer Christian Service Corps has been a ministry of the Seventh Day Baptist Women’s Society for over 50 years.   Each year approximately 15-20 young adults volunteer to spend 7 weeks of their summer in dedicated service to God.  Their summer starts with a week of intensive training (currently held at Camp Harley Sutton in Alfred Station, New York). Following On‐site Training, the SCSC student is sent to a host church for their ministry “project” . The project weeks are spent working within the ministries of the host church, closely with their Project Director (PD). SCSC students may work at camps, Vacation Bible School, providing testimonies and special music, working with youth & children, helping with various church activities, and additional responsibilities at General Conference may be part of the project as well.  Through the ministry of SCSC the host church has the opportunity to benefit from the talent, training and enthusiasm of these young people.  Following their church projects, the SCSC students & training staff meet together again for an evaluation period.

The transportation costs and attendance fees for General Conference are the primary costs of the SCSC program.  Participating students are asked to raise a portion of the funding, but additional donations are needed to meet all the expenses.  The proceeds from the Women’s Society craft table will go exclusively to support SCSC.

Help support this worthwhile program by donating, or encouraging others to donate items they have created to the SCSC Craft table at General Conference this summer!

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