Ocean Commotion – VBS 2016!

assembly 1We had an undersea theme for our 2016 Vacation Bible School held each evening June 13-17, 2016.  Starting each evening at 6:00, we met in the sanctuary for our Assembly Time to kick off the evening and learn some cool songs.  Our Assembly Leader surprised us dressed in costumes each night to go along with the theme.  For 90 minutes each night, we followed 15 minutes each for Assembly, Lesson, Science, Crafts, Games, and Snacks.  At 7:30 everyone went home to come back the next night!

lesson 1The Lesson time helped the children to “dive deep” into the story of Noah in the Bible.  A favorite part of each lesson was Sandy the puppet who showed up in class each day.  In Science time the children made ships in a bottle, tested boats to sink or float, made volcanos, made fossils, and reflected rainbows as they also learned the science behind these amazing 2

In Craft time they decorated mini tote bags, put together a Noah’s Ark picture, did a scratch-off animal card, crafts 1made a frame for their undersea picture, and painted a rainbow box.  Then it was outside for games.  The weather cooperated and the kids played several different games, but the older kids liked “Ships & Sailors” best games 1and the younger kids liked the swing set best!

As we ended the evening, it was back inside for Snack Time with something to go along with the theme each night as well: a cup of whales, an apple wedge boat with cheese sails, animal crackers where you had to find a matching pair, and rainbow crispie treats.  During snack time we had drawing for theme related prizes with different children winning something each night!

Here are some pictures of all the fun at Ocean Commotion Vacation Bible School 2016!

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