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Seventh Day Baptist Week of Prayer January 1-7, 2017

2017 Week of Prayer booklet

During the first full week of January since 1967, Seventh Day Baptists around the world unite in prayer, sharing meditations centered on a theme chosen by the author. Sponsored by Seventh Day Baptist World Federation (, this year’s theme is “Pray, or Be Prey” written by Karen Umana.  The Seventh Day Baptist World Federation is an organization formed for communication, fellowship, and support between Seventh Day Baptist churches located on six continents and from 18 different countries around the world. Please follow the prayer suggestions there and also pray for final arrangements and safe travel for delegates and observers from 18 different countries who will gather in Brazil later in the month for the Federation’s 8th Session, January 22-28. in over 19 different countries around the world.

You can join in the week of prayer January 1-7, 2017 using the 2017 Week of Prayer Booklet which is available free on the SDB World Federation website to view or print.  The booklet contains short meditations as well as prayer suggestions for each day during the week.  The daily entry will also be available on the Seventh Day Baptist (USA & Canada) website SDB Blog each day during the week.



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