Fun + Pizza = Church Family Night

ff-family-night-9ff-family-night-8On Saturday evening, February 11, 2017, we had a great group meet together in the church fellowship hall for delicious pizza and snacks and some rousing rounds of Family Feud.  Both children and adults joined in the excitement, whether watching or participating as contestants!

ff-family-night-6It all started around 6:30 as we gathered to try out 10 different kinds of pizza, salad, and several yummy snacks including a chocolate fountain with a variety of “dippers”!

Next, our MC for the evening (Susie Fox) announced the first two teams….the “Strikers” (Lilly Van Horn, Marissa Patterson, Arabella Lear/Betty Pierce, Mark Pest, and Terry Lanzer) and the “Right Side Family” (Emma Van Horn, Christopher Van Horn, Abigail Lanzer, Heather Lanzer, and Chip Thorngate).  After 5 exciting rounds, the “Right Side Family” had the highest score and Abigail & Christopher played the FAST MONEY round.  ff-family-night-5

Then we did it all over again with two more teams….the “Winners” (Veronica Van Horn, Jamie Fox, Robert Van Horn, Shirley Pest, and Marge Patrick) against the “Big League” (Lana Van Horn, Jamie Patterson, Kym Goodson, Peter Fox, and Susan Crissinger).  “Big League” was the winner after 5 rounds and Peter and Jamie were the FAST MONEY volunteers. ff-family-night-4

Special thanks to Dean Fox for running the computer for the game graphics & survey questions projected up on the big screen with the familiar Family Feud music!

After we finished playing Family Feud, Pastor Robert gave a short devotion about families and being in the “Family of God”.  Then we divided into small family groups for prayer.

It was a fun evening with plenty of food & laughter throughout the evening.





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