Hosting SDB General Council May 2017

pataskala gc pic 3It was a joy and a blessing for the Pataskala SDB Church to host the Seventh Day Baptist General Council for their meetings May 19-21, 2017.  The SDB General Council consists of five elected members: Susie Fox (chair), Rod Noel (vice chair), Ralph Mackintosh, Dale Thorngate, and Andy Samuels; and two non-voting members: Rob Appel (SDB Executive Director) and Ron Ochs (SDB Financial Director).  new SDB logoMembers arrived in the Columbus area Thursday evening from New York, West Virginia, Florida, California, and Wisconsin to meet all day Friday and Saturday evening.  (Ron attended remotely via conference call for this meeting.)

pataskala gc pic 1On Sabbath (Saturday) the members of General Council worshiped with the Pataskala SDB church and Pastor Andy Samuels gave an inspiring and motivating morning message entitled “The Great GOmission” based on Romans 1:8-16.  Another General Council member, Ralph Mackintosh, used his Christian Illusionist talents during the children’s time to cleverly share the message “we are ALL important people in the church working together” .

Following the worship service and a potluck Fellowship Meal, there was a Question & Answer time to get to know more about the General Council and things currently happening across the SDB denomination.pataskala gc pic 2



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