Kindness Superheros at March Kids Club

event pictureThe theme for our monthly Kids Bible Club on March 2, 2019 was “Be A Kindness Superhero”. Attendance was a little less than expected, but the twelve kids (and 9 adults) who were there had a lot of fun learning about kindness with a superhero theme! We started out singing “Jesus is my Superhero” and a fun skit starring Christoper Van Horn and Dean Fox.  Following the opening, we divided into two groups based on ages for a Bible lesson and craft project. mar kids club 3

The younger group learned about the kindness shown in the Bible story of The Good Samaritan and then made superhero masks.  The older group discussed kindness based on four Bible passages ( Luke 6:31, Colossians 3:12, Ephesians 4:32, Galatians 5:22) and then used florescent highlighters to color superhero doorknob hangers).mar kids club 1

Then the whole group came together again to play “KIND”, a variation on Bingo. Each person had a card filled with various acts of Kindness and non-readers were matched up with partners who could read. Whenever someone had a match to what was called out, they placed a Hershey’s Hug playing piece on that square.  This continued until someone got 4 in a row, taking breaks occasionally to sample the candy playing pieces.mar kids club 9

Next was snack and we played another game of “KIND” during snack time. Then the group went back to the sanctuary to sing “Jesus is my Superhero” song again, have a closing prayer and pass out invitations for next month’s Kid Bible Club on April 6, 2019. Next month’s theme will be “Let Your Light Shine” (i.e. think glow sticks!).

mar kids club 10All kids ages 3-12 are invited to this monthly Kids Bible Club held the first Saturday night of each month, 6:30-8:00pm, at the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church.

Thanks to all the adults, parents, and grandparents who helped make this a fun night!  Here are some more pictures:

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