Monthly Kids Bible Club Held June 1

jun kids 17“Treasures in Heaven” was the theme for the monthly Kids Bible Club held June 1, 2019. We started off with an opening including the song “You are My All in All” and a fun skit by Pastor Robert & Christopher Van Horn about a boy obsessed with pirates asking his Dad about how to get to Heaven.  After several detours to discuss “pirate stuff” they concluding with the thought that the Bible is like a treasure map telling us how to get to Heaven.jun kids 16

The Bible Lesson & Craft time was taught in two groups divided by ages. Both group looked at the two parables Jesus told about the Kingdom of Heaven and treasure in Matthew 13:44-46.  The older group decorated treasure chests for their craft and the younger group played a game with a giant treasure chest as well as made a foam craft with the important message “You are God’s most treasured possesion”.jun kids 11

For our game time, we divided into 3 different teams (Blue, Pink, & Orange) to do a Treasure Hunt. Each group follow clues of their color hidden throughout the church to find their own treasure.  It was a lot of fun for all!

Then we enjoyed a pudding snack with layers and “buried treasure” gummy snacks and joined again for our song and closing prayer.

jun kids 1This will be the last monthly Kids Bible Club for the school year, but invitations were passed out for the three 5-Day Bible Clubs this summer sponsored by the church being held in Pataskala and Reynoldsburg.  Look for more information here on our website or Facebook Events to join us!


Enjoy these additional pictures taken throughout the evening:

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