Christmas Play & Bring-a-Friend Sabbath

On Sabbath December 18, 2021 during the regular worship time, we were enjoyed a unique play entitled Putting On the Play – A Funny, Silly, Musical Adventure! The story line was about a woman named Mrs. Ewebanks who had just one week to gather a team and produce a Christmas play. In the midst of drama queens, forgotten lines, and tight deadlines, Mrs. Ewebanks with a little help from custodian Mr. John Burt they put on a great, if not a little unconventional, reenactment of the Christmas Story!

The musical background by Pastor Chuck Meathrell and cast of fourteen children and adults kept us all laughing, wondering what would happen next, and smiling as the true story of Christmas unfolded before us.

It was also Bring-a-Friend Sabbath and Pastor Chuck had put out the challenge that if there were 20 guests he would take a pie in the face (just not peanut butter)! And if there were 30 guests he would do it twice! There were 34 guests counted and we all enjoyed the scene as Pastor Chuck took two pies in the face!