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New Members Welcomed March 5, 2022

Pastor Chuck Looks on as Jana & Dan sign the church roll book!

It was a joy to welcome a new couple into membership at the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church on Sabbath Day, March 5, 2022. Before the church members voted to accept the new members, Dan Gillham shared that he had come to believe in the Sabbath on his own. Then he began looking for a group that kept the Sabbath and met on Saturday. He had been looking for a while when he and his wife Jana found this group originally through their recorded & streamed services.

As they began to look closer at the Pataskala Seventh Day Baptist Church, they felt more and more welcome and in agreement with the church’s beliefs so they knew it was time to join the church. Jana heartily agreed with him!

Also during the morning worship service the congregation read the Church Covenant together and recommitted themselves to join with Jana & Dan, as well as the other church members, to this covenant.

Following the worship service there was a Pot Luck Fellowship Meal for a continued time of fellowship.