Pastor Chuck Meathrell

Reverend Chuck Meathrell is a bible teacher, coach, and church planter originally from West Virginia. He moved to Ohio from South Carolina in May of 2020 to become the new pastor at PSDB. Pastor Chuck, his wife and three young boys are passionate about the gospel and excited to see what the King is going to do in Pataskala.

Meet Our Church Officers and Board

2016 church officersOur church elects officers at our annual business meeting.  Together with the pastor, these people make up the church board which acts as an advisory board to the pastor (as needed) in addition to handling their other defined responsibilities:

  • Church President & Vice President: The President presides over regular church business & board meetings; the Vice President will fill in for him as needed;
  • Church Treasurer: Manages the church finances, including weekly offering and paying the bills;
  • Church Clerk: Takes & distributes minutes from all church business meetings and prepares communication on behalf of the church as needed;
  • Sabbath School Superintendent & Assistant: Oversees selection of teachers and materials for the weekly Sabbath School program;
  • Corporate Agent: Required legal representative for our church registered within the state of Ohio;
  • Appalachian Association Executive Council Reps: Two people to represent our church along with the pastor to meet with representatives of other SDB churches in our regional association of churches;
  • Trustees: Six members (2 elected each year for 3 year term) who manage and care for the physical church property (just 1 representative on the church board);
  • Deacons: Team elected for 5 year term to prepare & serve communion, manage & distribute a fund for financial assistance needed by the congregation, and provides assistance to the pastor as necessary to care for the congregation (just one representative on the church board).

Other Leaders

Many others help out in regular activities and we are proud to say just about everyone who is a regular attender is involved in some ministry capacity.  As you look through our website, you will see our church people involved in Sign Ministry, Sabbath School teachers, Praise Band members, Worship Leaders, Pianist, Visual/Sound Booth, leading special Fellowship Events, and more.

3 thoughts on “Leadership”

  1. How about place a phone number and an email address for the church in your church website like most church websites have. Unless you are trying to stay under the radar as a church, and don’t want ‘outsiders’ contacting you.

  2. Hi friend! Sorry for the late reply!
    Our phone number is at the top of the page on the right. 🙂
    Our phone number is: 740.927.0574
    Our address is:
    12161 Broad Street SW
    Pataskala, OH 43062

  3. Greetings dear servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, Rev/ Pastor ,
    I thank God for calling you to the ministry. I thank Him for anointing you and gave you a burden of imparting the world through preaching of the gospel our Lord Jesus Christ as commanded to lead souls out of the snares of this life that they have found themselves entangled in.
    Since He’s been since leading you through the Holy Spirit to attain your heart desire of impacting your community and reach our world with the gospel, I would therefore like to invite you with immense respect and honor to come and speak in our annual General Conference that would be held in Kenya either by August or September, 2023.
    A date shall be fixed once we find a guest speaker.
    In case these months set does not align with your itinerary schedule, we’ll allow you to set another date and month that could go with your itinerary schedule.
    I would like to bring to your best knowledge that if you accept to honor our humble invitation, then you’ll be the main guest speaker at the conference.
    May God bless you as we wait in prayers for your best considerations.
    Yours in His service,
    Marvelin Scott,
    Mission Coordinator


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